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RG33 AUV MRAP BAE Systems Armoured Utility Variant
RG33 SOCOM AUV Armored Utility Variant MRAP wheeled mine protected vehicle BAE Systems US Army 640


Technical Data

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The RG33 AUV (Armoured Utility Variant) is a variant of the RG33 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle. The RG33 AUV is designed and manufactured by the International Company BAE Systems. The U.S. Special Operations Command has competitively selected the RG33 6x6 vehicle as their choice for the MRAP Armored Utility Variant (AUV) Vehicle. The RG33 AUV is a mine resistant 6x6 cargo carrier, featuring a utility deck to haul specialized cargo and two trailers for unique roles and missions. The MRAP AUV leverages existing RG33 MRAP survivability technology. As of August 2009, 40 RG33 AUV vehicles have been ordered, with deliveries scheduled in the second quarter of 2009.
Variants :
RG33: 4x4 chassis
RG33L : 6x6 chassis
RG33 HAGA: ambulance armoured vehicle
RG33 USSOCOM: US Special Operations Command variant
RG33 MRRMV: Mine Resistant Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle
RG33 AUV: Armoured Utility Vehicle
RG33 C2V: Command and Control Vehicle
RG33 MRAP II: with an enhanced blast resistant underbody designed to protect the crew from mine blasts, fragmentary and direct fire weapons.
Technical data 
The RG33 AUV can be fitted with a remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 12.7 mm calibre or a 40 mm calibre automatic grenade launcher. The RG33 AUV can be fitted also with a one man turret with armour windows, armed with a 7,62 mm or 12,7 mm calibre machine gun
The RG33 Series 6x6 features a state-of-the art v-shaped hull that provides superior blast protection against symmetrical, asymmetrical and unconventional explosive hazards. RG33L features additional systems to enhance survivability, such as modular add on armor kit provisions, TRAPP transparent armor that provides excellent visibility and situational awareness, and run-flat tires. RG33L is available with base protection against medium machine gun or small arms fire and mine blast protection at a level equal to or exceeding any fielded mine protected vehicle - and the platform is designed with a power train equipped to handle upgrades and enhancements.
The RG-33 UAV uses a 6x6 chassis. The RG33L 6x6 is motorised with a Cummins 400 I6 Diesel engine coupled to an Allison 3200 transmission.
RG33 UAV offers forward cab commonality with the Armored Recovery Variant featuring:
• Remote weapons station
• Integrated unique SOCOM equipment
• Internal seating for four Warfighters
• C4ISR integration
• Specialized utility deck

Basic version no armament, but a 7,62mm or 12,7 mm can be installed on the roof vehicle.
Country users
United States
Designer Company
BAE Systems
Add-on armour, gunner protection, hydraulic rear ramp,night vision equipment
2 + 4 soldiers
Protection against small arms firing and shell splinters, monocoque v-hull.
17,236 kg to 23.586 kg
110 km/h maximum speed on road
Lenght, 6,73 m; Width, 2,44 m; Height, 3,45 m
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