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RG-33 Category II MRAP

RG33L MRAP Category II BAE Systems Mine protected armoured vehicle
RG33 RG-33 Category II upgraded slat armor wire cage data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American defense military BAE Systems



Technical Data

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The RG33 MRAP Category II is an upgraded version of the basic version of RG33L 6x6 equipped with an add-on armour, type wire cage.
Variants :
RG33: 4x4 chassis
RG33L : 6x6 chassis
RG33 HAGA: ambulance armoured vehicle
RG33 USSOCOM: US Special Operations Command variant
RG33 MRRMV: Mine Resistant Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle
RG33 AUV: Armoured Utility Vehicle
RG33 C2V: Command and Control Vehicle
RG33 MRAP II: with an enhanced blast resistant underbody designed to protect the crew from mine blasts, fragmentary and direct fire weapons.
Technical data 
The basic version of the RG33 MRAP Category II can be equipped with armored glass turret, armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun.
The RG33 Category II Series 6x6 features a state-of-the art v-shaped hull that provides superior blast protection against symmetrical, asymmetrical and unconventional explosive hazards. RG33L. The RG33 MRAP Category II is equipped with the BAE Systems' LROD cage armor for additional protection against RPG-7 anti-tank rounds. Cage armor also known as bar armor, slat armor, and standoff armor is a type of armor designed to protect against anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attacks. It functions by placing a rigid grid around the vehicle which disrupts the shaped charge warhead by either crushing it, preventing optimal detonation from occurring, or by damaging the fuzing mechanism preventing detonation. It can be defeated by tandem-charge designs such as the RPG-27 and RPG-29.
The RG-33 MRAP Category II uses a 6x6 chassis. The RG33 IED is motorised with a Cummins 400 I6 Diesel engine coupled to an Allison 3200 transmission.
THE RG33 MRAP Category II can be equipped with optional equipment as hydraulic rear ramp,medical equipment,EOD arm,6KW Auxiliary Power Unit,120/240 AC import/export power,secondary battery suite, thermal Driver’s Vision Enhancer,taillight camera, central tire inflation system,Transparent Armor Gun Shield,remote weapons station.
A 7,62mm or 12,7 mm can be installed on the roof vehicle.
Country users
United States
Designer Company
BAE Systems
Add-on armour, gunner protection, hydraulic rear ramp,night vision equipment, CCD camera, central tire inflation system, wire cage and
armour plates.
14 soldiers
Protection against small arms firing and shell splinters, monocoque v-hull, wire cage,
? kg
110 km/h maximum speed on road
Lenght, 8,58 m; Width, 2,44 m; Height, 3,45 m
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