IDEF 2021: Otokar showcases Akrep II fire support vehicle with John Cockerill Defense 90mm turret

In addition to a fully electric-powered engine, Akrep II also appears in diesel (displayed at IDEF 2021) and hybrid powerpack options. Akrep II combines the latest automotive technologies, high firepower and protection in a low silhouette. Having effective firepower under armor and high payload capacity, Akrep II comfortably carries turrets armed with up to a 90mm cannon, as demonstrated with the John Cockrill Defense CSE 90LP (90mm Low Pressure) turret showcased at IDEF 2021.

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Otokar Akrep II with John Cockerill Defense CSE 90LP  turret (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Being smaller in size and lesser in weight highly contribute to the agility of low silhouette Akrep II. Steering capability on all–axles significantly increases the maneuverability of the four-wheel-drive vehicle. Thanks to the independent suspension system and swift torque control, Akrep II can operate with equal ease on all challenging terrain conditions, no matter soft sand, deep mud, and snow. The vehicle can carry up to 3 crew members (driver, commander and gunner) at a maximum speed of 110 km/h.

As a multi-role vehicle suitable for various mission types, Akrep II has the ability to provide effective firepower without compromising survivability. Medium caliber turrets up to 90 mm can be integrated. The vehicle can also be configured as a weapon platform for quick reaction, surveillance missions, armored security, base/air defense missions and other similar.

Like all other Otokar vehicles, the electronic system of Akrep II is also designed with an open system architecture where the electronic and human interface can be configured according to customer requirements.