At IDEF 2017 Hutchinson promotes runflat mobility systems

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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Hutchinson at IDEF 2017
At IDEF 2017 Hutchinson promotes its runflat mobility systems 
At IDEF 2017, Hutchinson showcase its VFI/MVFI runflat mobility systems. Hutchinson, the world leader in mobility systems, has provided runflat systems to the military and security markets for over 80 years.
Hutchinson IDEF 640 001
The Hutchinson booth at IDEF 2017 (Army Recognition)
The Hutchinson VFI runflat is relied upon worldwide by soldiers to ensure mobility and safety in all terrains and combat situations. We improved it with the MVFI, the hand mountable VFI.

The tires are the primary target to immobilize a wheeled vehicle. It is vital for the crew that a vehicle can escape at high speed or complete its mission with one or several flat tires. The VFI/MVFI has withstood some of the harshest wartime conditions, and has proven to be priceless to the protection of the crew and its vehicle.

The runflat system must withstand warlike conditions such as gunfire and mine blast. The VFI/MVFI is built with a specific rubber material with excellent ballistic characteristics. The rubber material has been designed to absorb a substantial amount of energy from the mine blast. Some independant tests showed that the mine blast acceleration is 80% greater on a steel wheel without VFI.

On its booth at IDEF, Hutchinson also showcased other mobility solutions as: Safetank and the Hutchinson wheels.