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Analysis 3/5: Review Pantsir-M Russian-made medium-range naval air defense missile gun system

Pantsir-M air defense missile/gun system, like the Pantsir-S1 mounted on 8x8 military truck, is developed and produced by Russian Company KBP Instrument Design Bureau. In this third analysis on the Pantsir-M, the manufacturer provides more technical features of the naval version of the Pantsir.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 The Pantsir-M air-defence missile and gun system can be set up on ships with water displacement of more than 300 tons. (Picture source Rosoboronexport)

Designers said Pantsir-ME (E for Export) has a multifunctional control system to repel swarm targets attacking from various directions and simultaneously firing at four targets. Warships with a displacement from 300 tons can carry Pantsir-ME. It provides protection against all air targets, including anti-ship missiles, drones, airplanes and helicopters.

Pantsir-ME locks on the target by guidance from the command module, tracks targets and antiaircraft guided missiles by radar and optical-electronic controls, and automatically destroys targets. The complex includes two 30mm six-barrel antiaircraft AO-18KD guns with linkless power supply and two-stage coned-bore 57E6-E1 antiaircraft guided missiles with a solid-fuel booster and fragmentation-rod warhead. Pantsir-ME is interfaced with the storage and recharging system for 32 antiaircraft guided missiles under the deck. Eight missiles are kept in quadruple transportation-launch containers. The round of munitions for two antiaircraft guns comprises a thousand of 30mm shells.

Pantsir-ME with eight missiles and a thousand shells weighs 7100 kg. The crew comprises the commander and the operator. The launcher can destroy air targets flying at a maximum speed of 1000 m/sec. The inclined range of the missile is 1500-20000 meters and from 2 to 15000 meters in altitude. The range of artillery guns is 500-4000 meters and 0-3000 meters respectively. 57E6-E1 missile develops a speed of 1300 m/sec. The warhead weighs 20 kg and the missile — 98 kg. The rate of fire of artillery guns is 10000 shots per minute and the initial speed of the 30mm shell is 1120 m/sec.

The command module controls air and surface situation, detects, identifies and tracks air (including small and low-flying) and surface targets, determines their danger, distributes targets and provides guidance. Integrated controls with radar, optical-electronic and heat imaging channels, as well as an integrated laser ranger simultaneously guide four missiles at four targets. The controls help repel swarm attacks from various directions.

The complex uses a highly intellectual multi-regime adaptive radar-optical control system. The work of the operator is fully automatic. The combined engagement of radar and optical systems promotes operation in any weather and time of the day.

Designers said Pantsir-ME can easily replace previous antiaircraft weapons. It differs from previous Kashtan-M (export option of Kortik) by a bigger destruction range and altitude, the 90-degree angle of fire, and the ability to attack four targets at a time. Two modules ensure round protection of a warship. Pantsir-ME can be armed with the latest multirole Hermes-K complex of KBP in the future.

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