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Russia: Uran-6 robot to be mounted on new KAMAZ transportation platform

The Uran-6 robotized system will be mounted on a new 8x8 KaMAZ chassis equipped with a special multi-lifting platform, the press service of the Russian Ground Troops said. "The platform design cuts significantly the time required to prepare the Uran-6 for operation. From now on, the Uran-6 will be mounted on a special platform. A special hydraulic drive will be used to remove it from the undercarriage and put it back in place. The whole operation takes no more than three minutes," it said.

Russia Uran 6 robot to be mounted on new KaMAZ transportation platform
Uran-6 robot displayed at Armya-2018 near Kubinka (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The International Anti-Mine Center of the Russian Armed Forces will receive the first mounted Uran-6 robotized systems in January 2019. Uran-6 is designed to reduce the risks for demining personnel. Experimental pieces of the Uran-6 robot have successfully undergone all trials during drills and combat operations in Syria.

The Uran-6 weighs six tons. It is meant to create passages in minefields and clear major territories of mines. Remote control ensures operation at a distance of 800 meters. The Uran-6 can be equipped with flail, cutting, and segmented roller sweeps as well as bulldozer blade. The weight with flail sweep is 6.8 tons, and the size is 4,45 x 2,01 x1,49 meters. Sweeping width is 1.6 meters, maximum speed is 5 km/h, minimal weight of one destructed explosive was 0.1 kg and maximum - 4 kg. The life cycle is expected to be 10 years.


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