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Israel: 2,000 Dagger smart gun sights for IDF snipers

Some Israel Defense Forces snipers will be equipped with a revolutionary “smart” gun sight that will help sharpshooters find their target with greater accuracy, Ynet and David Jablinowitz, World Israel News reported. The new device, named Dagger, was developed to help IDF troops hit moving targets precisely. It allows soldiers to hit a target on the first shot, regardless of their shooting skills, and reduces the chances of shooting innocent civilians.

Israel 2000 Dagger smart gun sights for IDF snipers
IDF sniper (Picture source: IDF)

The Dagger has an electro-optic system and a processor that calculates the distance of a target and its movement, the movement of the shooter, and the ballistics of the ammunition as well as the rifle used. It then processes all the information in order to select the optimum moment to shoot. The sights follow the target and, with the aid of an algorithm and advanced image processing system, can determine just the right moment to pull the trigger, according to Ynet. They were produced by the IDF’s Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure (known by its Hebrew acronym MAFAT) and the Smart Shooter company of Kibbutz Yagur, located near Haifa.

Smart Shooter says the company “was established to develop innovative technologies that help military and law enforcement professionals swiftly and accurately neutralize their targets.” The “engineers are committed to that mission, designing, testing, and manufacturing our combat-proven SMASH family of fire control systems to beat your opponents and keep your friendly forces safe.” The Defense Ministry has ordered a first batch of 2,000 gun sights.

“MAFAT is trying to predict the future battlefield, both in terms of threat and technologically. The SMASH system is expected to go into service with the IDF’s Ground Forces soon,” says MAFAT director Brig. Gen. (Res.) Dr. Daniel Gold.

The Dagger was developed as part of an extensive test program with the IDF’s Golani, Givati and Paratrooper combat brigades. “This is the first time that a fighter has been outfitted with a computer that works for him without him having to do much to operate it,” says Maj. Yoav of MAFAT. “Recent developments in image processing and the cheapening of technology prices allow us to purchase thousands of gun sights.” He adds that in testing, IDF instructors and recruits “were given rifles with the Dagger gun sight and all of them, including the inexperienced recruits, hit their targets with an accuracy rate of above 70%. The improvement was dramatic.”


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