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Russia uses Forpost-R armed drone with guided missile to destroy rocket launcher of Ukrainian army

According to a Youtube video and information published by the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 13, 2022, Russian armed forces have used an armed version of the Forpost-R Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to destroy a multiple launch rocket system from the Ukrainian army from an altitude of 3,000 mm using guided missiles.
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Russian Ministry of Defense released a video of Forpost-R drone armed with guided missile used to destroy a Multiple Launch Rocket System of the Ukrainian army. (Picture source Youtube Video Russian MoD)

The Forpost-R is an Israeli-design UAV produced under license in Russia using local components. The UAV was designed to conduct reconnaissance missions and to relay the target location in real-time for its destruction.

The video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense shows that the drone can be armed with two guided missiles.

The Forpost-R can carry a Russian-made gyro-stabilized optronic system. The devices were designed by Ural Optical & Mechanical Plant (division of Schvabe holding, Rostec Corporation) and NPP Airborne & Marine Electronics. The 32-kg optronic payload comprises the thermal imaging unit with cooled 3-5 micron matrix, the television unit, and the laser rangefinder/illuminator HTEB.461321.011 produced by Quantum Optics.

The Forpost-R has a range of 450 km and can fly at a maximum altitude of 6 km. It has a flight duration of 18 hours. The drone has a maximum weight of 500 kg and can carry a payload of 120 kg.

Citing Russian military sources, the armed version of the Forpost-R is fitted with a new modified version of the Kornet-D missile known as X-BPLA. This is the first official use of the Forpost-R armed with missiles.

The Kornet-D is a Russian-made anti-tank guided missile system that can be fitted with either Tandem-HEAT or thermobaric warhead. The missile has a firing range from 8 to 10 km and can penetrate 1,100 to 1,300 ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor).

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