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Russia designs several mobile antidrone weapons

Drone threats from terrorists can increase in Syria and in any other country of the world in the near future, as unmanned technologies are rapidly spreading across the globe. Therefore, specific attention should be paid to antidrone fight and upgraded methods to detect and destroy them, the Zvezda weekly writes.

Russia designs several mobile antidrone weapons 01 Garpun-M anti-drone system (Picture source:

In December 2019, President Vladimir Putin inspected the Garpun-2M portable antidrone weapon. The upgraded Garpun option blocks command channels and navigation. The New Technologies Telecommunications (NTT) producer can supply both stationary and mobile weapons.

The portable complex can become an organic weapon on the battlefield to repel a surprise air raid. It is suffice for a soldier to aim the antenna at a drone to strip it of the possibility to determine the position and disrupt communications with the operator. False firing is ruled out, as the electromagnetic impulse of Garpun cannot miss. The device is easy to carry. It has no protuberances to snag on branches or stones. Garpun-2M is carried on the back. In operation, the soldier supports it by a shoulder. Another advantage is a small impact on the radio situation.

The operational range is at least 500 meters. Garpun-2M easily integrates into the multi-layered antidrone defense. Garpun-2M operates in eight frequency bands. The upgraded option has an additional 5150-5350 MHz band, a narrower angular pattern, better cooling and power capacity. A full charge powers Garpun-2M for 60 minutes non-stop. The consumed capacity does not exceed 220 W.

Russian defense enterprises designed a line of mobile antidrone electronic weapons. Pishchal  is one of them. It was designed by Avtomatika Concern.

Russia designs several mobile antidrone weapons 03 Pishchal (Picture source: TASS)

REX-1 was designed by ZALA AERO to destroy drones in direct visibility. It successfully fights multicopters. REX-1 disables the drone, but does not destroy it. The vehicle loses communications with the operator and lands. It is suffice to press one button to make the weapon operational.

REX-1 has a jammer to suppress satellite navigation GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Gaileo in a radius of five kilometers. The device can block GSM, 3G and LTE signals at a distance of one kilometer and jam various frequencies. It weighs 4.2 kg. The power battery ensures uninterrupted operation for three hours.

Russia designs several mobile antidrone weapons 02 REX-1 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In June 2019, the Russian Stupor rifle was demonstrated for the first time. The portable electromagnetic gun is the latest design of the defense industry and exceeds available antidrone weapons in several characteristics. Besides the use in the Russian armed forces, the rifle enjoys a good export potential, the Zvezda said.

Russia designs several mobile antidrone weapons 04 Stupor rifle (Picture source:

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