Ukrainian army officially adopts Leleka-100 UAV

According to a post of instructor and test pilot Eugene Podtikhov on Facebook, by order 114 dated May 11, the Ukrspec Leleka-100 (Stork) light drone has been officially adopted by the armed forces of Ukraine. The state tests took place in October 2020.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Ukrspec Leleka-100 UAV (Picture source: Facebook page of Eugene Podtikhov)

During the last years of operation, the Stork has earned the status of the ultimate UAV: thousands of combat sorties, hundreds of found and destroyed targets with the help of air corrections, dropping of propaganda leaflets over Crimea, etc.

Unmanned aerial system Leleka-100 is a fully automatic UAV system suitable for common military, industrial, and commercial tasks. The main advantage of this system is its advanced inertial navigation, which allows operating in a harsh and GPS-denied environment. It has a quiet and reliable electric motor, which allows operations at low altitudes without being noticed. It can carry a wide range of different payloads that can be quickly replaced thanks to the modular design of the drone. Double-axes camera gimbals are gyro-stabilized and remotely controlled in directions of the flight.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Ukrspec Leleka-100 UAV (Picture source: Facebook page of Eugene Podtikhov)

The UAS is shipped in light and impact-resistant plastic cases that contain all the necessary components of the system. Small dimensions and low weight make it possible to transport it in a van or SUV. The control system consists of a ground control station, antennas, and a manual remote control unit.

The Leleka-100 unmanned aerial system has been unofficially in service in the Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2015, with positive feedback from Ukrainian Army officers, drone operators, and intelligence agents. It is one of the most commonly used drones of its class in the Ukrainian Army and has most of the flight hours recorded.



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