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Indo Defence 2010
4Th Indonesia Tri Service Defence & Aerospace Exhibition

Jakarta , Indonesia
10 - 13 November 2010
Bumar at IndoDefence 2010

Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 15:32 PM

Bumar at IndoDefence 2010 with air defence system KOBRA.
The KOBRA air defence system is designed to protect land forces and high-value facilities against low and medium-height air attacks. This refers particularly to combat aircraft, helicopters and unmanned air vehicles flying at the lowest heights and taking advantage of the terrain shape.

A typical KOBRA anti-aircraft battery consists of:
• 3D multi-beam search radar (MMSR),
• battery command vehicle (BCV),
• mobile missile launchers POPRAD – up to
6 units,
• guns (e.g. ZUR 23-2 KG) – up to 6 units.
The KOBRA system configuration helps to meet all these requirements, offering effective defence of high-value assets, troops and forces. The newest technical solutions applied for target acquisition, operations com- mand and control and weapon control make this proposal one of the most effective short--range air defence systems at the battery level.
• Detection and tracking of targets by a 3D radar (MMSR)
• Automatic transmission of air picture data to the battery commanders vehicles (BCV)
• Automatic transmission of POPRAD missile launcher’s current position and armament status to the BCVs
• Continuous update of the positions of all system components, based on GPS data
• Presenting the air picture on the back- ground of the current tactical situation and a digital map of the terrain (optionally)
• Computer aided analysis of the air situation and evaluation of possible variants of effective defence, resulting in an battle optimisation proposal to be approved by the commander
• Transmission of engagement orders and target data from the BCV to the POPRAD launchers (in case of emergency, battery command is also possible by means of voice communication)
• Optoelectronic acquisition and tracking of the targets indicated for engagement by the POPRAD launchers
• Optoelectronic acquisition and tracking of the target indicated for engagement by the BCVs
• Ballistic calculations carried out independently for each gun, taking into account the type of ammunition loaded and precise gun position relative to the BCV
• Automatic aiming of each gun at the lead point, with the possibility of firing all guns or some of them only
• Recording of operational situations and events for later replay and analysis
• Airport protection
• Air defence systems
• Coastal protection systems
• Area protection


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