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Aircraft carrier.


12 Jun, 2024 - 13:36
The Cavour 550 aircraft carrier is a relatively new entry into the ranks of the Italian Navy, having been commissioned in 2008.

HMS Prince of Wales

12 Jun, 2024 - 13:40
HMS Prince of Wales R09 was officially commissioned into service with the Royal Navy on December 10th, 2019.

INS Vikramaditya

12 Jun, 2024 - 13:41
The Indian Navy refitted the ex-Soviet aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov to become its modern INS Vikramaditya commissioned in 2013.

JS Izumo

12 Jun, 2024 - 13:51
Attempting to keep pace with China, the Japanese Navy unveiled the JDS Izumo helicopter carrier in August of 2013 for commissioning in 2015.

INS Vikrant

12 Jun, 2024 - 13:41
The INS Vikrant is currently set to become India's first-ever home-grown aircraft carrier design.

Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier R91

12 Jun, 2024 - 13:37
FS Charles de Gaulle R91 became the first French-made, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and the only true carrier in service with the French Navy.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier

12 Jun, 2024 - 13:40
HMS Queen Elizabeth R08 aircraft carrier was commissioned for active service in the Royal Navy during December of 2017.

Gerald R. Ford class Aircraft Carrier

12 Jun, 2024 - 13:40
Gerald R. Ford class (CVN-78) Aircraft Carrier The Gerald R. Ford class is the future aircraft carrier replacement class for USS Enterprise and the ...
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