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Will Germany Navy frigate Baden Wurttemberg pass through Taiwan Strait?.

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According to information published by Die Zeit on May 4, 2024, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has not ruled out the possibility of the frigate Baden-Württemberg passing through the Taiwan Strait during its upcoming Pacific mission.
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In 2021, the Brandenburg-class frigate Bayern made history as the first German warship to visit the Indo-Pacific in nearly two decades. Its tour covered strategic stops including Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Guam, highlighting Germany's dedication to open sea lanes and international law.

The frigate engaged in joint exercises with the United States, Japan, and other allies while also conducting maritime surveillance to enforce UN sanctions on North Korea.

The frigate Baden-Württemberg t will be accompanied by the combat support ship Frankfurt Am Main, creating a task force that ensures operational endurance and logistical support. This task force will participate in RIMPAC 2024 and other international exercises.

In 2020, Germany formalized its Indo-Pacific policy, advocating for multilateral collaboration on security, trade, and human rights issues. The strategy emphasizes partnerships with regional organizations such as ASEAN and the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) while engaging in joint exercises and strategic dialogues.

During the 2023 International Maritime Defence Exhibition (IMDEX) Asia, Vice Admiral Kaack reiterated Germany's commitment to a stable maritime order through coordinated efforts with allies. Germany's long-term commitment includes deploying military aircraft and additional ships over the next few years.

Germany's pivot to a more cohesive European maritime security policy aligns with its allies, including France and the UK, to reinforce a collective presence in the Indo-Pacific.

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