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WDS 2024: Russia showcases Steregushchiy-class corvette in Saudi Arabia.

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At the World Defense Show (WDS) 2024, Rosoboronexport, the Russian state-controlled defense export agency, showcased the Project 20382 "Tigr," an export variant of the Steregushchiy-class corvette.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 A model of the Project 20382 Tigr, export variant of the Project 20380 at WDS 2024. (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

The Project 20382 "Tigr" is engineered for a range of naval operations, including anti-submarine warfare and coastal defense. It has a standard displacement of 1,800 tons and a full load displacement of 2,200 tons. The corvette measures 104.5 meters in length with a 13-meter beam and is designed to operate with a crew complement of 90.

Equipped with modern sensors and processing systems, the Tigr features air and surface search radars, an advanced multi-purpose radar Zaslon on newer versions, and sophisticated sonar systems. Its electronic warfare and decoy systems are intended to counteract contemporary threats effectively.

Powered by a Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD) propulsion system with four Kolomna 16D49 diesel engines, the Tigr can achieve speeds of up to 27 knots and has a range of 3,800 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 14 knots.

The corvette's armament includes a mix of a 100 mm A-190 Arsenal or 130 mm A-192 naval gun, close-in weapon systems (CIWS), and missile and torpedo systems for various combat scenarios. It also supports a Ka-27 helicopter and UAV Orlan-10 operations, enhancing its surveillance and strike capabilities.

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