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UK: Will Royal Navy really get six new Multi Role Support Ships MRSS?.

According to information published by the UK MoD on May 14, 2024, the Royal Navy is set to acquire up to six advanced amphibious ships designed to support Royal Marines Commando operations globally. These new Multi Role Support Ships (MRSS) are poised to replace HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark, which will continue their service until 2033/2034.
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Artist rendering of the ELLIDA multi-role logistics ship. (Picture source: BMT)

Additionally, the MRSS will succeed the three Bay-class amphibious support vessels, RFAs Lyme Bay, Mounts Bay, and Cardigan Bay, along with the support ship RFA Argus.

These ships will be equipped to handle a diverse array of operations. They are planned to transport vehicles, aircraft, insertion craft, and various unmanned systems for complex missions. Furthermore, they will serve as primary casualty receiving ships, offering critical medical support to British forces during deployments.

The Ministry of Defence has initiated the concept phase of the MRSS Programme and is engaging with industry partners to refine the design of these vessels.

The delivery timeline and the build strategy for these ships remain complex and subject to UK's industrial capacity. There are considerations about the fleet size, with discussions suggesting fewer than the initially planned six ships might be procured due to budgetary and strategic reassessments.

Let's take a look at the ELLIDA multi role logistic ship series, proposed by the British company BMT

The design of the ELLIDA™ series includes a scalable structure, with different size options available (from 130 to 200 meters) to suit various operational requirements. This flexibility allows the ships to be tailored for specific tasks, supporting a broad range of naval activities.

In terms of propulsion, the ELLIDA™ utilizes a hybrid system that combines diesel-electric and gas turbines. This setup aims to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, aligning with current environmental standards to minimize the ecological impact.

The vessels are equipped with comprehensive logistics capabilities, including extensive cargo decks and systems for rapid loading and unloading of supplies and equipment.

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