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Turkish Naval corvette TCG Kinaliada arrives in Japan to commemorate diplomatic ties.

According to information published by Anadolu Ajansi on on June 9, 2024, the Turkish naval corvette TCG Kinaliada has arrived in Kushimoto, Japan. The arrival marks the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Japan, as well as the 134th anniversary of the tragic voyage of the Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul, which sank off the coast of Japan in 1890.
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Turkish Ada-class corvette TCG Kinaliada. (Picture source: Turkish MoD)

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced the corvette's arrival on social media. Departing from İzmir in April, TCG Kınalıada has made its way to Kushimoto, a city of historical significance in Turkish-Japanese relations.

The Ertuğrul Frigate's voyage in 1890 was a goodwill mission from the Ottoman Empire to Japan. Unfortunately, the ship encountered a typhoon on its return journey, leading to a tragic shipwreck. Many sailors perished, but some were rescued by the local Japanese population, creating a legacy of friendship between the two maritime nations.

Turkey's Ambassador to Japan, Korkut Güngen, spoke about the historical significance of the Ertuğrul's mission and the ongoing preparations for the memorial ceremony. He noted the profound impact of the 1890 event on Turkish-Japanese relations, emphasizing the mutual maritime heritage that continues to unite the two countries.

Ambassador Güngen described TCG Kınalıada as a "national emblem," showcasing Turkey's advancements in defense technology. The corvette's visit to Japan not only commemorates a shared history but also reflects the strength and progress of Turkey's naval capabilities. The vessel will also be open for public visits in Tokyo and Hiroshima, further fostering goodwill and cultural exchange.

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