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Swedish Defence Procurement Agency orders two new workboats.

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According to information published by the Swedish MoD on February 27, 2024, the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) has announced the signing of a contract with Astilleros Armon Vigo SA for the delivery of two new workboats. These vessels are scheduled to be delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces in 2027 and 2028, respectively.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Artist rendering of the future workboat. (Picture source: Astilleros Armon Vigo SA)

This acquisition is part of FMV's ongoing efforts to support the Swedish Armed Forces in enhancing their maritime mobile logistics capabilities. The workboats are one of three new platform types being introduced, with the others being new harbor tugs and support vessels designed for various types of naval maintenance services.

These systems will be progressively delivered to the naval base battalions and naval military bases. The procurement of four harbor tugs is expected to be completed by spring 2024, marking the second procurement initiative undertaken by FMV.

The new workboats will replace HMS Pelikanen and HMS Furusund, enhancing the Navy's ability to support other units with torpedo recovery, logistics, underwater operations, and added diving capabilities.

HMS Furusund

The ship, designated as MUL 20 and later as A 320 since 2011, was delivered in 1983 as a prototype for a new mine layer for the then Coastal Artillery within the Navy. After being fitted with additional equipment and undergoing reconstruction, the vessel now operates as a diving and salvage ship.

Its primary mission is to maintain and repair the Navy's fixed underwater systems. Notably, the Furusund was involved in several significant operations, including the salvage of the M/S Estonia's bow visor, the recovery of JAS 39 Gripen nr 39.156 after its crash in Lake Vänern on September 20, 1999, and the retrieval of the shot-down DC 3 in the Baltic Sea.

With an overall length of 32.4 meters and a length at the waterline of 30.0 meters, the Furusund has a breadth of 7.4 meters and a draft of 3.1 meters, with the waterline depth being 1.8 meters.

The ship displaces between 225 and 240 tons. It is powered by a diesel-electric propulsion system, consisting of two Scania DSI 14 engines, each producing 245 kW, and a Scania DN 8 auxiliary engine. The Furusund is equipped with two 155 kW propulsors, enabling a maximum speed of 10.5 knots.

The crew comprises 5-8 officers or civilian employees and 8-16 enlisted sailors. For defensive purposes, the ship is armed with a single 20 mm cannon and can carry up to 24 mines.

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