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Sweden Orders Eight New Mortar Vessels Equipped with Patria NEMO.

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Sweden has announced its intention to enhance its naval capabilities with the purchase of eight new mortar vessels equipped with the Patria NEMO mortar system. The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) is overseeing this procurement, having selected Swede Ship Marine AB for the construction of the vessels, with Patria acting as a subcontractor for the project.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 The Patria NEMO Navy system offers a 120 mm turreted mortar solution ideal for rapid naval maneuvers. (Picture source: Patria)

Mats Hamrin, the Key Account Manager for the Nordics at Patria, emphasized the effective collaboration between Sweden and Finland in achieving this goal. "Our joint efforts will result in an optimal solution for the Swedish Armed Forces, demonstrating the effective collaboration between Sweden and Finland in the defense sector," he stated.

The Patria NEMO Navy system is known for its innovative, compact, and lightweight design, offering a 120 mm turreted mortar solution ideal for rapid naval maneuvers. The FMV's order includes two Patria NEMO Container systems, intended to enhance the Swedish Armed Forces' indirect fire capabilities from maritime platforms.

The Patria NEMO mortar is designed to provide a flexible and powerful fire solution on the battlefield. This system is capable of engaging in network-centric warfare operations, with indirect, direct, and Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) firing capabilities thanks to a direct lay functionality. It can be mounted on various vehicles, as shown here on a ship.

Weighing 1900 kg, the mortar's turret features an automatic aiming system and can perform a full 360-degree rotation, allowing for significant action flexibility. The elevation range of the barrel goes from -3 to +85 degrees, with an aiming system that can be operated electrically, with a manual backup option. The mortar, with a caliber of 120 mm smoothbore and a barrel length of 3000 mm, is equipped with an electrical or semi-automatic loading system and a hydro-pneumatic recoiling system to reduce the stresses on the carrier.

The ammunition carrying capacity varies depending on the carrier vehicle but typically ranges between 50 and 60 rounds. The secondary armament system includes a machine gun and smoke launchers, increasing the mortar's versatility in various combat situations. The firing performance is impressive, with a time to open fire of less than 30 seconds and the ability to move immediately after firing, supporting a maximum rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute and a sustained rate of 6 rounds per minute. The first three rounds can be fired in 15 seconds, with a maximum range of over 10 kilometers and the ability to launch up to five rounds for simultaneous impacts.

Intended for use by the amphibious forces based in Stockholm and Gothenburg, these new vessels are part of the Amfbat 2030 initiative, aimed at enhancing combat forces' mobility, speed, and striking power. "The addition of these mortar vessels is crucial to the realization of the Amfbat 2030 vision," Hamrin confirmed.

In collaboration with Swede Ship Marine, known for its extensive expertise in shipbuilding, Patria plans to deliver the first fully equipped vessel to the FMV by the beginning of 2027, with the completion of the order expected by the end of 2028. Hamrin highlighted the significance of this project as a major international benchmark, underscoring the high-quality standards demanded by the Swedish Armed Forces.

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