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Russian Shipyard completes refit of Algerian Kilo class submarine Akram Pacha.

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According to information published by Curious on March 28, 2024, the Algerian Naval Force's Project 636 diesel-electric submarine Akram Pacha was launched at the JSC Admiralty Shipyards.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Kilo class submarine Akram Pacha, in Russia. (Picture source: Curious/forums.airbase)

The Algerian Navy has been focusing on enhancing its submarine capabilities, primarily through the acquisition of Project 636 Kilo-class submarines from Russia. These vessels, are notable for their stealth capabilities, owing to their low acoustic signatures.

They are equipped with the "Kalibr" missile system, which is capable of engaging both sea and land targets with high precision. The submarines have an impressive underwater endurance, being able to travel 400 miles at 3 knots and up to 7500 miles at 7 knots. Their operational autonomy extends up to 45 days. These submarines also feature a rapid torpedo tube reloading time of just 15 seconds, enhancing their combat readiness​.

 Algeria's submarine fleet includes several units of the Project 636 class, namely Messali el Hadj, Akram Pacha, El Ouarsenis, and El Hoggar, which were commissioned between 2010 and 2019.

The Algerian Navy also operates two Project 877EKM submarines, Rais Hadj Mubarek and El Hadj Slimane, originating from the Soviet era and introduced in the late 1980s. These submarines have undergone significant upgrades to enhance their capabilities.

In recent years, the Algerian Navy has demonstrated its operational capabilities through various exercises. Notably, it conducted live missile firings from two Kilo 636 class submarines, showcasing the ability to target ground targets with Club-S Kalibr cruise missiles. This marked Algeria as the first Arabic navy capable of launching cruise missiles from submarines to ground targets​.

Algeria showcased two of its submarines during a military parade, highlighting the strategic importance of these assets within its naval forces. The parade featured the Project 636.1 submarines Djurdjura and Ouarsenis.

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