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Russian Navy successfully conducts submarine destruction exercise in Baltic Sea.

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According to information published by Tass on March 13, 2024, the crews of the corvettes "Soobrazitelny", "Boykiy", "Stoikiy", and the patrol ship "Neustrashimy", in collaboration with the Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopters of the fleet's naval aviation, executed a comprehensive drill in the Baltic Sea waters aimed at locating, tracking, and "destroying" a hypothetical enemy submarine.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Russian Kilo class submarine and Kamov Ka-27 helicopter. (Picture source: myskillsconnect)

The exercise scenario depicted an enemy submarine, assigned with the mission to eliminate the fleet's grouping of ships, lurking in the vicinity of one of the Baltic Fleet's naval groups. This hypothetical adversary was played by a "Varshavyanka" class diesel-electric submarine.

To counter this threat, the fleet dispatched its ships and anti-submarine helicopters to the designated maritime sector. Utilizing advanced hydroacoustic detection technologies, the helicopter crews identified the target and relayed the submarine's coordinates to the corvettes of the Baltic Fleet. The "enemy" submarine was subsequently neutralized with torpedo weapons by the ships, marking a successful conclusion to the operation.

The "Boykiy", "Stoikiy", and "Soobrazitelny" are Project 20380 corvettes, multifunctional vessels designed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" in Saint Petersburg. These ships are equipped to handle escort and strike missions in coastal zones, conduct patrol and surveillance duties, and are armed with versatile artillery systems, anti-aircraft missile and artillery complexes, supersonic missiles, automatic artillery mounts, among other weapons. They also can host the Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopter.

The "Neustrashimy" serves as the lead ship of Project 11540 "Yastreb", constructed at the Yantar Baltic Shipyard in Kaliningrad in 1990 and has been an integral part of the Baltic Fleet since 1991.

It is tailored for anti-submarine warfare, ensuring the defensive and offensive capabilities against enemy ships and submarines at sea, providing support for amphibious forces, and fulfilling various other maritime security roles.

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