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Russian Navy increases number of missile carriers in Black Sea to two.

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Even though the Ukrainian armed forces already inflicted very heavy losses on the Russian Navy initially deployed in the Black Sea area, forcing it to carefully move farther from Ukrainian reach, Russia has increased the number of missile carriers in the Black Sea to two, with a total salvo of 16 Kalibr missiles, Ukrinform reports echoing the Ukrainian Naval Forces on Telegram.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Contextual illustration: Russian frigate Admiral Makarov (Picture source:

"A small missile carrier has joined a frigate again. The overall level of missile threat is heightened. The joint equipment of the carriers is up to 16 Kalibr missiles," the Ukrainian Naval Forces on Telegram published on their Telegram account.

Ukrinform reports that, as of the morning of January 21, there are 8 Russian warships on combat duty in the Black Sea, including one Kalibr missile carrier.

Russian missile carrier warships, primarily consisting of Project 11356 frigates, are highly versatile and play a crucial role in Russia's maritime strategy. One of the standout features of these frigates is their armament, with the Kalibr cruise missile system being their primary firepower. The Kalibr missiles are known for their precision and versatility, capable of engaging targets both on land and at sea. Additionally, these frigates are equipped with a variety of other weapon systems, including anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, and air defense missiles.

In terms of their sensor suite, these warships are equipped with advanced radar and sensor systems that provide them with the ability to detect and track targets effectively. This includes radar systems for surface and air surveillance, sonar for detecting underwater threats, and electronic warfare systems for self-defense and countering potential enemy actions. Moreover, the Project 11356 frigates are known for their impressive speed and maneuverability, enabling them to respond rapidly to emerging threats and to engage in both offensive and defensive operations.

With a crew complement typically numbering around 180 personnel, these warships have the capacity for extended deployments. They also can carry helicopters, which not only enhances their anti-submarine warfare capabilities but also extends their reach for search and rescue operations.

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