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Russia Navy to add two new ships to its Black Sea Fleet.

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According to information published by Flotprom on May 2, 2024, at the Gorky Shipyard in Zelenodolsk, two naval vessels are set to be launched in May, the Karakurt class corvette Typhoon and the Project 22160 patrol ship Viktor Velikiy.
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Artist rendering of the Project 22800 corvette. (Picture source: Flotprom)

The Karakurt-class corvette and Project 22160 patrol ship can address several challenges that the Russian Navy faces in the Black Sea. The Karakurt-class corvette, being a smaller and more maneuverable ship, offers significant offensive capabilities, including the ability to launch Kalibr cruise missiles.

This makes it a versatile platform for both coastal defense and power projection in the Black Sea. Its speed and agility are advantageous for patrol duties, anti-submarine warfare, and engaging surface targets. The addition of the Typhoon corvette, specifically, will enhance the Russian Navy’s ability to counter potential threats from adversaries or to support operations ashore​.

On the other hand, the Project 22160 patrol ship, such as the Viktor Velikiy, offers a different but complementary set of capabilities. This class is designed for long-range patrolling, surveillance, and escort missions. Its modular design allows for various mission-specific equipment to be installed, making it flexible for different operational needs.

In a contested maritime environment like the Black Sea, these ships can help secure sea lanes, monitor adversary movements, and provide logistical support to other naval assets. Additionally, their ability to operate unmanned aerial vehicles enhances the fleet’s situational awareness​.

These vessels also address logistical and operational challenges faced by the Russian Navy in the Black Sea. The closure of the Turkish Straits has limited the fleet’s ability to receive reinforcements from outside the region, emphasizing the importance of local shipbuilding and repair facilities.

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