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Piriou delivers Offshore patrol vessel OPV 58 S Cayor to Senegal Navy.

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According to a PR published by Piriou on April 16, 2024, the Piriou Group delivers the third and final Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) 58 S, named CAYOR, to the Senegalese Armed Forces in Concarneau, France. The delivery ceremony saw the presence of dignitaries including His Excellency El Hadji Magatte Seye, the Ambassador of Senegal to France, and Admiral Abdou Sene, Chief of Staff of the Senegalese Navy.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Offshore patrol vessel OPV 58 S Cayor. (Picture source: Piriou)

This event concluded a contract initiated in November 2019 between the Senegalese Ministry of the Armed Forces and Piriou Group. The contract aimed to produce three 62-meter vessels to support Senegal's maritime defense and state actions at sea. Following the earlier deliveries of WALO and NIANI in 2023, the introduction of CAYOR completes this major shipbuilding initiative that involved over 600,000 hours of labor across four years.

Technical data

This vessel measures 62.2 meters in length, with a beam of 9.5 meters, a draft of 2.9 meters, and an air draft of 22 meters. It has a displacement of approximately 650 tons. Powered by two MAN 175D diesel engines, it generates 2 × 2,220 kW and achieves speeds up to 21 knots (approximately 39 km/h).

The ship can accommodate 24 passengers and is equipped with two fast boats and two 20-foot containers for operational flexibility. Its military features include two anti-ship missile launchers for Marte MK2/N missiles, one Simbad-RC missile launcher, a 76 mm gun, two 20 mm cannons, and two 12.7 mm machine guns. It also integrates the POLARIS combat management.

Senegalese Navy

The Senegalese Navy has incorporated various classes of ships to fulfill its operational needs. This extensive fleet enhances Senegal's capability to conduct varied maritime operations including patrol, defense, and surveillance, reflecting its strategic commitment to securing its maritime domain against threats like illegal fishing, piracy, and smuggling.

It includes various types of French-built Offshore Patrol Vessels, such as the OPV 190 Mk II, OPV 45, OPV RPB 33 and OPV PR 72. But also an Israeli-built OPV Shaldag MK V, the Spanish-built OPV P 31 and the Danish-built OPV OSPREY 55. These OPVs have maximum speeds of between 20 and 40 knots (for Lake Retba). Many are armed with a 20 mm cannon and measure between 32 and 62 meters.

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