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MBDA and IAR Brasov from Romania to Integrate Marte ER Anti-Ship Missiles on H215M Helicopters.

June 4, 2024 - MBDA, a leading European developer of advanced missile systems, and IAR Brasov, a renowned Romanian aerospace company, have signed a contract to support the integration of Marte ER anti-ship missiles with the Airbus H215M helicopters of the Romanian Navy.
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Integration of the Marte ER anti-ship missile on an Airbus H215M helicopter, enhancing the maritime combat capabilities of the Romanian Navy. (Picture source: MBDA)

The Marte ER's exceptional performance will allow the Romanian naval fleet to combat surface vessels, ensuring effective protection of national interests. This contract marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between MBDA and the Romanian armed forces.

Arnaud Rousset, MBDA's Vice President for Europe, stated, "As a European leader in advanced weapon systems, MBDA is best suited to meet Europe's challenges by enhancing crucial European defense capabilities. We are proud to contribute to the strategic autonomy of the Romanian armed forces. We will continue to act as their trusted partner, offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to current and future needs."

The integration of Marte ER anti-ship missiles with Airbus H215M helicopters is a strategic move that will significantly boost the combat capabilities of the Romanian Navy. The H215M, a versatile and robust platform, when combined with the Marte ER missile's long-range precision targeting and adaptability, will provide the fleet with a formidable tool for maritime defense. This integration not only allows for high maneuverability and rapid response to surface threats but also reinforces the fleet's operational effectiveness in both coastal and open sea environments, ensuring a comprehensive defense strategy.

The Airbus H215M is a multi-role, twin-engine helicopter known for its reliability and performance in diverse operational scenarios. Capable of carrying out a wide range of missions, including search and rescue, medical evacuation, and troop transport, the H215M is well-suited for maritime operations. Its advanced avionics and communication systems ensure seamless integration with modern weaponry, while its robust airframe allows for operations in challenging environments. The inclusion of Marte ER missiles will further augment the helicopter's versatility, transforming it into a potent anti-ship platform

MBDA will collaborate with IAR Brasov, Airbus, and other partners to achieve the full integration of the Marte ER with the H215M helicopter systems.

This contract is another success for the Marte missile family, which has already been integrated with various platforms of the Italian armed forces and several other export clients.

The Marte ER missile, the latest generation in this family, is a testament to our commitment to innovation. Its design allows for operation in all weather conditions, ensuring effective target engagement at distances exceeding 100 km. With the ability to set both automatic and manual waypoints, launch in salvos, and engage land targets, it is a versatile tool. The missile's unique capability to counter both kinetic and non-kinetic ship self-defense systems sets it apart from its counterparts.

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