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KBR secures major contract for Australia Navy's amphibious & replenishment ship fleet.

According to a PR published by KBR on April 29, 2024, the company has been chosen as the industry partner to deliver a sovereign sustainment capability for the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Amphibious and Replenishment Ship fleet.
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Royal Australian Navy's Supply class replenishment oiler and Canberra class landing helicopter dock HMS Adelaide. (Picture source: Australian DoD)

This contract is one of the first Capability Life Cycle Management (CLCM) sustainment programs to encompass multiple asset classes, including the Canberra-class landing helicopter docks HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Canberra, the Bay-class landing ship HMAS Choules, and the Supply-class replenishment oilers HMAS Supply and Stalwart.

KBR has supported the RAN for over two decades, providing strategic asset management planning, engineering design, and supply chain optimization. This new contract builds on that foundation, extending KBR’s support to complete lifecycle sustainment for the RAN’s Amphibious and Replenishment ships over the next five years.

Canberra-class Landing Helicopter Docks

These ships, built by Navantia, are the largest vessels in the RAN, measuring 230 meters in length and displacing 27,500 tonnes. They can achieve speeds over 20 knots. Designed for a range of operations, the LHDs can transport over 1,000 personnel along with vehicles such as M1A1 main battle tanks.

They are equipped with six helicopter spots and four integral ship-to-shore connectors, allowing for flexible deployment of troops and equipment. The Canberra-class ships reached full operational capability in November 2019, ensuring their readiness for diverse missions including amphibious warfare, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief​.

Supply-class Replenishment Oilers

These vessels, constructed by Navantia, are based on the design of the Spanish Navy's Cantabria-class. They are designed to provide essential underway replenishment.

These ships measure 173.9 meters in length, with a beam of 23 meters and a draft of 8 meters, and have a displacement of 19,500 tonnes. They carry substantial quantities of fuel, both diesel and aviation, which is crucial for extending the operational range of the RAN's fleet. Besides fuel, they transport dry stores, ammunition, and other necessary supplies.

The Supply-class oilers are equipped with a flight deck and hangar to support helicopter operations, allowing for vertical replenishment and other support roles. Their propulsion system is powered by diesel engines, enabling speeds up to 20 knots, which ensures they can keep pace with fleet units.

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