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Israel Shipyards unveils new 24m landing craft for undisclosed customer.

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According to information published by Israel Shipyards on February 18, 2024, the Israeli company has announced the launch of its new 24m Landing Craft.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 New 24m landing craft. (Picture source: Israel Shipyards)

The 24m Landing Craft, designed for a wide range of missions, is particularly suited for operations in rivers and lakes, addressing the operational needs of various nations. This vessel's introduction is part of Israel Shipyards' broader objective to contribute to the enhancement and security of waterways worldwide.

Israeli Navy's Landing Craft

The Israeli Navy's transition away from using landing craft, culminating in the decommissioning of the Ashdod class ships like the INS Ashdod in 2001, reflects a strategic shift in its operational focus and capabilities.

The Ashdod class landing ships were part of Israel's efforts to maintain a versatile and capable naval force, designed for various tasks including amphibious operations. Built in Israel in 1966-67, these ships served the Israeli Navy for several decades before being retired, with the last of the class, INS Ashdod, decommissioned in 2001​​.

The decommissioning of these vessels marked a period where the Israeli Navy did not commission new landing crafts for a significant duration. This gap in capability was due to a reassessment of the navy's strategic needs and priorities, likely influenced by the evolving security environment and technological advancements.

For many years, the Israeli Navy focused on enhancing other aspects of its naval forces, including missile boats, submarines, and advanced patrol vessels, to address its security challenges more effectively.

However, recent developments indicate a revival of interest in landing craft capabilities within the Israeli Navy. In August 2023, Israel took delivery of the first of a new class of two landing crafts built by American shipbuilders.

The project, financed through U.S. military aid, underscores the continued cooperation between Israel and the United States in defense and military capabilities. The INS Nahshon is approximately 95 meters long, 20 meters wide, and displaces about 2,500 tons, designed to serve as a logistical axis for transporting equipment and personnel​​​​.

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