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Iranian linked Houthis militias target British tanker Pollux in Red Sea.

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According to information published by the Houthis on February 19, 2024, the Islamist militia announced they had conducted military operations in response to what they described as American and British aggression on their country.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Artist rendering of the British tanker Pollux. (Picture source: Torm)

The Islamist militia reportedly carried out a specific military operation targeting a British vessel in the Gulf of Aden. The operation involved several naval missiles, leading to significant damage to the ship, rendering it completely inoperative and at risk of sinking in the Gulf of Aden. The Houthis declared that their military operations in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea would continue until the aggression ceases and the siege on the Gaza Strip is lifted.


The Gulf of Aden is a vital waterway for international trade, connecting the Indian Ocean with the Red Sea and, ultimately, the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal. Any act of aggression in these waters risks not only the immediate safety of seafarers but also the efficiency of global supply chains.

This act by the Yemeni Islamists underscores the ongoing complexity of Yemen's conflict, which has drawn in regional and global powers. The explicit mention of retaliation against American and British interests, alongside solidarity with Palestinians, highlights the interconnected nature of Middle Eastern conflicts.

 The United Kingdom has been a significant player in the international response to the Yemeni conflict, primarily through its support of the Saudi-led coalition. The UK's involvement has included arms sales, logistical support, and intelligence sharing.

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