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Indonesian shipyard PT PAL ready to supply Indonesian Navy with 12 submarines.

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According to Defense Studies, Indonesia currently maintains a fleet comprising one submarine manufactured in West Germany and three submarines produced in South Korea, all in combat-ready condition. These submarines have demonstrated their capabilities through successful torpedo firing tests conducted some time ago.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Indonesian submarine KRI Nagapasa-403 (Picture source: screenshot from YouTube)

The Indonesian government is actively working on bolstering its maritime defense capabilities through a series of policy measures. One of the key priorities in this endeavor is the modernization of defense equipment, and this initiative enjoys unwavering support from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. In 2013, PT PAL Indonesia was selected, following the KKIP decision, to serve as the domestic shipyard responsible for the advancement and mastery of submarine technology.

According to PT PAL Submarine Division GM, Admiral TNI Wiranto, "Our goal is to have approximately 12 submarines in line with the Indonesian Navy's development plan. While the fulfillment process is ongoing, we are confident that these submarines will ultimately enhance Indonesia's defense and security, serving as invaluable assets."

The procurement of submarines not only caters to the Indonesian Navy's requirements but also represents a strategic move in strengthening the domestic defense industry. PT PAL Indonesia has established cutting-edge facilities, which are the first of their kind in ASEAN. These facilities have been utilized for the construction of the third KRI Alugoro-405 submarine from the initial batch and have completed comprehensive repairs in the KRI Cakra-401 Overhaul project.

TNI Admiral Wiranto emphasizes the importance of independence in developing a formidable deterrent. Independence enables the production, maintenance, provisioning, and support of operational readiness for the Indonesian Navy. This not only ensures the resilience of submarines but also makes them a sustainable asset.

To keep pace with advancements in submarine technology, particularly in areas such as Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) technology, transition from liquid acid to lithium-ion battery (LIB), and Autonomous battery technology, PT PAL Indonesia is aligning its vision with the 2021 PMN plan. As a shipyard, PT PAL must remain capable of supporting and adapting to the evolving needs of modern defense equipment to retain its leadership in submarine technology.

PT PAL Indonesia is actively selecting the best available technologies, including AIP technology and submarine batteries, to extend diving durations and enhance the combat capabilities of submarines. In 2024, PT PAL is entrusted with sustaining projects until the goal of Golden Indonesia 2045 is realized.

TNI Admiral Wiranto concludes by affirming PT PAL Indonesia's commitment, along with stakeholders, to continually support Indonesia's maritime defense, ensuring national security amid the growing complexity of global challenges.

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