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IMDEX 2019: ST Engineering unveiled its new Vanguard 130.

| 2019

At IMDEX 2019, Singapore, visitors were to first to discover the new Vanguard 130 Multi-Role Combattant, designed to support international maritime security. This Vanguard 130 is part of the Vanguard series designed and built by ST Engineering.

IMDEX 2019 ST Engineering unveiled its new Vanguard 130A picture of an image of the Vanguard 130 at the booth of ST Engineering at IMDEX 2019, Singapore (Picture Source: Navy Recognition)

The Vanguard 130 Multi-Role Combatant is a good fit for ship operators looking for enhanced cost efficiencies and flexible ship deployment. It is part of a series of five classes that delivers multi-modal capabilities with one design. This enables enhanced cost efficiencies across the platforms as all five classes share common hull forms that reduce acquisition costs. Because of its highly scalable and modular design, the Vanguard allows operators to exercise more flexibility in the ship’s deployment, including space for carrying of unmanned vehicles for warfare or other operations. The in-house developed and patented Q-LARS 2.0 for handling a wide range of small crafts and unmanned surface vehicles can be easily adapted for use in every Vanguard series vessel.

The Vanguard series design concept focuses on “One Design” which can be applied across “Multiple Classes” with “Modular Capabilities”. The concept also allows for commonalities (e.g. scalable hull form, machinery & equipment, system & layout designs, standards for outfitting and installation) across the different classes of vessels such as the new Vanguard 130 Multi-role Combatant, combatants such as frigate, light frigate, corvette, as well as offshore patrol vessel, and naval research and support vessel. Under its multi-role capability profile, the Vanguard series offers a highly operable platform in high states for the stowage and operation of unmanned vessels and vehicles for enhanced reach and visibility. Proven sub-systems, such as ST Engineering’s patented Q-LARS 2.0 for handling a wide range of small crafts and USVs, can be easily adapted for use in every Vanguard series vessels.

The Vanguard 130 has been fitted with a brand new ship management system that includes an integrated platform management system (NERVA), an availability-based integrated management system (AIMS) and an integrated communications system (SupremeT). It has also acquired an enhanced situation awareness thanks to the SPEOS 360. This vessel is also an advanced platform full of electronics, communication and digital defence, including cyber security systems, and SMART tracking of ship crew and logistics (iSMARTS). As some other actual vessels, the Vanguard 130 is configurable depending on the missions and roles it has to fulfill, thanks to its configurable mission bay and flexible container track system.

The Vanguard is also capable of accomodating some vehicles, helping it to reach its goals and carry some of its various missions. These vehicles include helicopters of up to 15 tonnes, capable of taking off and landing on the helideck/helicopter mission deck, and also manned and unmanned teaming vessels which can be set afloat thanks to the launch and recovery system (Q-LARS 2.0) and a flushed side door (for the ROVs and AUVs).

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