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IMDEX 2019: SEASTEMA unveiled its new OMEGA360 radar.

| 2019

During IMDEX 2019, in Singapore, SEASTEMA, a Fincantieri company, unveiled its new OMEGA360 radar, which is a 360 degrees radar, a premiere according to the engineers of SEASTEMA.

IMDEX 2019 SEASTEMA unveiled its new OMEGA360 radarThe OMEGA360 radar made by SEASTEMA, a Fincantieri company, on display at IMDEX 2019, Singapore (Picture Source: Navy Recognition)

OMEGA 360 2X is an innovative Software Defined Radar designed for naval surface surveillance and other applications.  is ubiquitous non-rotating sensor aims at facing the most demanding threats a modern navy has to counter both in symmetric and asymmetric warfare scenarios.

The cutting edge architecture allows unmatched performances in detecting surface targets in heavy clutter (periscopes, RHIBs, very small floating buoys, etc.) and low altitude air targets (small drones, pop up helicopters, sea-skimming missiles) di cult to detect with a conventional beam scanning radar.

OMEGA 360 2X is the ideal complement to the ship main radar (3D or Multi-functional Phased Array) adding its specific detection capabilities at low elevation angles, where “traditional” radars spend a lot of time and resources, thus saving precious time of the main radar on surface search, to improve volume surveillance.

The ubiquitous architecture of OMEGA 360, with its 192 receiving antennas and its 360° instantaneous coverage, acquires continuously all the returned echoes from the surrounding space by means of a single Tx pulse, using a staring antenna and fixed Rx beams pointed in all directions.

As a result, a continuous stream of electromagnetic information of the environment is provided, in the form of digital data consisting of several Gbyte per second. It represents, at raw level, the whole information relevant to the surrounding space that is then processed by an extremely powerful radar processor.

The full-digital architecture of OMEGA 360 is highly flexible and it others a number of options related to generic or customized scenarios to meet specific customer requirements (beam forming, coherent or not coherent integration time, waveform, code, etc..).

All these options are based on high level SW applications (APPs) that can be native or developed by a skilled customer itself, using the operating system of the radar, with the same logic we have on consumer laptops or smartphones.

This new engineering effort aims at starting a path for the radar of the future. The applications of OMEGA 360 architecture are also suitable for coastal, battlefield management or homeland security versions, fixed and mobile, in the current 2D or in the next 3D configurations.

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