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Russian Zala Aero Unveils Izdeliye 55 Kamikaze Drone Invulnerable to Electronic Warfare Systems.

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On January 2, 2024, the Russian-based ZALA Group unveiled their latest development, the "Izdeliye 55" loitering munition or kamikaze drone for deployment in Ukraine. This new drone is an addition to the renowned Lancet family, notable for its distinctive X-wing aerodynamic design.
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The new Russian-made Izdeliye 55 Kamikaze Drone or Loitering Munition Claimed to Be Invulnerable to Electronic Warfare Systems. (Picture source Zala Aero)

Designed for short-range operations, "Izdeliye 55" is set to bolster the capabilities of Russian forces currently deployed in Ukraine. This kamikaze drone, characterized by its four powerful engines, represents a notable evolution in ZALA's line of unmanned systems. Unlike its predecessors, "Izdeliye 55" offers a unique blend of operational simplicity and enhanced safety for its operators.

The drone's operational features are highly advanced, boasting Full HD real-time video feed up to the moment of impact, and allowing operators to choose the most effective angle of approach to the target. Remarkably, the drone is launched from a specialized container, eliminating the need for additional launch equipment. This feature significantly enhances the drone's deployment efficiency in combat scenarios.

One of the most touted attributes of the "Izdeliye 55" is its purported immunity to enemy electronic warfare systems. This capability, if proven effective, could provide a significant tactical advantage in electronic warfare-dominated environments.

The development of "Izdeliye 55" is not just a technological leap but also a result of extensive field experience. The Lancet, which has been actively used in the Ukrainian conflict since its onset, has undergone several modifications leading to the "Izdeliye 53" version. This iteration is capable of autonomous target identification and engagement, showcasing the rapid advancements in drone technology by ZALA.

ZALA's team of engineers and developers emphasize that the unique technical solutions incorporated into "Izdeliye 55" set it apart from other drones in its class, especially regarding its resilience to electronic countermeasures.

As the "Izdeliye 55" prepares to enter service with the Russian Armed Forces, its impact on the dynamics of the Ukrainian battlefield is anticipated to be significant. This development highlights the continuous evolution of unmanned systems in modern warfare, with implications for both military strategy and international security considerations.

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