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Netherlands sells 53 YPR 765 infantry fighting vehicles to Jordan.

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The Dutch Project Team for Disposal of Ground Systems (COMMIT) has sold and shipped obsolete military equipment to Jordan. This operation involved the transportation of 200 DAF YA-4442 trucks in various configurations, 53 YPR armored vehicles, and two containers of spare parts and tools, totaling 2.667.500 kilograms, to Eemshaven for shipment to Jordan.
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The YPR-765 is the Dutch variant of the AIFV infantry fighting vehicle (Picture source: Dutch MoD)

The equipment, some of which is over thirty years old, was first moved from military bases to disposal sites in Vriezenveen and Oudemolen for final checks. Lieutenant Colonel Harry Jansen, the project manager, and Major Harm-Jan Boering, the project leader, oversaw the logistics operation, which involved moving the equipment by train and 75 tractor-trailer combinations to Eemshaven, a port favored by the military.

The operation was well planned and proceeded smoothly with the assistance of the Defence Traffic and Transport Organization (DVVO). The materials were scheduled to arrive in Aqaba, Jordan, by mid-December. Transportation was managed by a civilian ship chartered by Jordan, as the purchasing country is responsible for transport and unloading. The Dutch military's involvement ended once the vehicles were loaded onto the ship.

The proceeds from the sale will go to the Dutch Defence budget, not to the General Resources of the Netherlands as in the past. This project financially benefits the Dutch military and is part of a broader effort, with Jordan being a regular client for surplus Dutch military equipment since negotiations began in 2018.

A key element of this delivery is the 53 YPR vehicles. Although these vehicles are quite old, they remain a notable addition to the Jordanian arsenal.

The YPR is a versatile armored vehicle used in the past by several countries around the world, including Bahrain, Belgium, South Korea, Egypt, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Turkey, and soon Jordan. It is primarily armed with a 25 mm cannon and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, making this configuration one of the most common in its use. Weighing 13.687 kg, it can reach a maximum speed of 62 km/h and has a range of 490 kilometers.

Designed to transport a full team, the YPR can accommodate a crew of three, plus up to seven additional soldiers. This capacity makes it ideal for various missions, from troop transport to fire support in combat situations.

In terms of protection, the YPR is equipped with armor capable of withstanding projectiles up to a maximum caliber of 12.7 mm. This protection is complemented by a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) protection system, crucial for operating in contaminated environments or under the threat of unconventional weapons. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with smoke grenade launchers, enhancing its concealment capabilities and defense against enemy attacks.

Lieutenant Colonel Klaas Habing, head of the Marketing & Sales Section collaborating with the Domain Roerende Zaken of the Ministry of Finance, emphasized the project's significance and the smooth process due to effective communication among the involved parties. The delivery to Jordan will be staggered, with final shipments planned for 2024 and 2025.


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