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ADEX 2016: BSVT's Polonez MLRS makes first public appearance in defense show 2709161.

| 2016
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2nd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition
27 - 30 September 2016
Baku, Azerbaijan
BSVT at ADEX 2016
ADEX 2016: BSVT's Polonez MLRS makes first public appearanc in defense show
The newly-inducted Polonez multiple-launch rocket system made its first public appearance in a defense exhibition during this second edition of Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition (ADEX). Belarus unveiled the Polonez MLRS system for the first time during the military parade held May 9, 2015 in Minsk. This new MLRS is based on a MZKT-7930 8x8 chassis.
ADEX 2016 BSVT s Polonez MLRS makes first public appearance in defense show 001The Polonez MLRS showcased for the first time during a defense exhibition
The new MLRS were developed by the national defense industry specifically for the Belarusian Army. The chassis for the launch vehicle are being manufactured by the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

The Polonez MLRS uses the A200 301mm high-precision long-range rocket developed and produced by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT, also known as the "First Academy" of China), part of the Chinese state-owned aerospace company China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

Belarus became the launch customer for the A200 missile system. The A200 missile has length of 7496 mm and 615 mm with wing stabilizers. The missile weight is 750 kg. The vehicles' maximal travel speed is 70 km/h. The Polonez MLRS can detect target at maximal range of 300 km. The firing accuracy with HEF and HE head

The warhead can be HEF, HE or FAPC types, and weight are separated, and features combine kg. The firing accuracy with HEF and HE warheads reaches 30 m. It features combined guidance system - inertial satellite correction (GPS). Firing range is from 120 to 300 km. A salvo of eight missiles on eight different targets can be achieved in 50 seconds, while preparing to launch takes 8 minutes.




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