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Philippines promotes military-technical cooperation with Russia Tass 52709161.

| 2016
Defence & Security News - Philippines
Philippines promotes military-technical cooperation with Russia
The authorities of the Philippines have initiated the talks with Russia over the potential military-technical cooperation and trade, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.
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Soldiers of the Philippine Army (Photo Wikipédia)
On September 21, the Department pointed out that the officials from two countries met in Moscow in September 2016 in order to initiate the dialogue on the potential collaboration in the area of defense equipment acquisitions. Therefore, the Philippines is trying to reduce its traditional dependency on the US-originated military hardware.

"As stated in our previous press releases, there have been briefings and preliminary discussions with Russia on military-technical cooperation," Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos D. Sorreta said on September 26. "We have also been briefed on the different modes of financing, but there have been no discussions on donating or lending military equipment or technology," he added.

"There are military items that the Philippines needs to deal decisively with our internal threats that are not readily available from other sources, either because some countries don’t believe we can use these hi-tech systems properly or because of certain country-specific conditions," Sorreta pointed out.
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