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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
New Elbit Systems thermal sights at MSPO 2010

Tuesday, 07 September 2010, 23:06 PM

Elbit Systems unveils new family of thermal weapons sight for infantry at MSPO 2010.

Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop Ltd. (Elop), a world leader in Thermal Imaging, is introducing LILY, a new family of lightweight Thermal Imaging Weapon Sights (TWS) designed for use by individual infantry soldiers. Based on Elop's many years of experience and feedback from combat operational use of its Thermal Imagers worldwide, the new systems provide significant advantages for operations in total darkness and in even the most difficult environmental conditions.

The LILY TWS contribute significantly to the ability to acquire targets and increase the first-hit capability. They enable the soldier to more easily discriminate between false and valid targets in conditions of dust, smoke, total darkness (such as in caves and/or underground facilities), camouflage and clutter. By enabling the infantryman to see without being seen, the LILY TWS considerably increase survivability probability.
Providing infantry soldiers with weapon mounted TWS also has the added value of supporting increased intelligence collection.

The LILY family's main advantages include their lightweight (1 kilogram including the battery) and an operating time exceeding 8 hours with no need to recharge the batteries.
The LILY TWS family includes three main products. The first two members of the family are based on Elop's innovative 3rd generation uncooled micro-bolometer technologies:
• LILY-S for short-range use for guns and sub-machine guns
• LILY-M for medium-range use for machine guns
• LILY-L, the third member of the family, is a cooled Thermal Imager for long range use for snipers.

Elop began developing IR and Thermal Imaging systems in the 1970s. Since then, Elop has produced and supplied thousands of Thermal Imaging systems to customers worldwide, based on its cutting – edge capabilities in all advanced Thermal Imaging technologies. Among its products are three families of Thermal Imagers for military applications. Elop continues to invest in research and development in this field, maintaining its position at the forefront of international FLIR technology.



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