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Codipro MSPO 2010 security swivel lifting rings 300 kg 55 tons France French defense Industry.

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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
Codipro at MSPO 2010

Tuesday , 07September 2010, 18:50 PM

CODIPRO, the specialist for SPECIFIC articulated lifting rings.
CODIPRO develops and manufactures security swivel lifting rings. Its engineering office developed a new generation of security swivel rings. These rings have been developed to handle securely heavy loads (from 300 kg to 55 tons).

Thanks to a single, double or triple articulation are the rings of CODIPRO usable in every direction and in every position. They are patented and in accordance with the most severe security norms and are particularly appropriated to the lifting and turning of heavy loads.

All the lifting rings manufactured by CODIPRO are in accordance with the new directive on machinery (2006/42/EC) and are delivered with a conformance certificate.

The customers of CODIPRO are distribution companies of lifting materials, general mechanical companies, manufacturers or packers of heavy and/or bulky machines… Some customers are AIRBUS, ALLIBERT, ALSTOM, SIEMENS, MICHELIN…

On the one hand CODIPRO offers a large range of lifting rings available in stock and on the other hand CODIPRO can provide specific solutions in order to satisfy the needs of its clients (length of the axis, specific axis, particular color, thread on demand…).

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