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3D 360° animated view for military equipment and vehicles on the website Army Recognition Simthetiq.

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Defense Industry News - Army Recognition / Simthetiq

Monday, 6 December 2010, 14:01 AM

The 3D 360° animated view for military equipment and vehicles on the website Army Recognition.
Within the framework of the development of its activities of communication, promotion, and online marketing for defense and security industry, the company Army Recognition launches the 3D animated 360 ° view on its Internet website for military equipment and vehicles.

Today Internet technologies provides powerful tools able to improve the visibility of defense and security by the use of technical design making it possible to visualize weapons, military equipment and vehicles on 360° rotation view.

To carry out this new strategy of communication, Army Recognition signed a collaboration contract with the Canadian company Simthetiq, leader in the production and realization of 3D animation for the international military sector.

Simthetiq has a broad database on the modern military vehicles and equipment in 3D animated vision, which can be integrated in all simulation programs for combat training. Moreover, Simthetiq is able to reproduce 3D environments of combat zones to provide a full solution for modern armies training.

Thanks to this collaboration Army Recognition offers new prospects to these customers to increasing and improving promotion of their defense and security products, by the integration of 3D animated view of military vehicles and equipment on its data sheets.

About Army Recognition:
Army Recognition Company is an International Defense magazine printed and online edition, dedicated for marketing, communication and promotion for Defense/Security industries and products.

Internet Online Defense magazine:
Army Recognition is an online magazine about Defense, dedicated to land forces equipment, defense companies, and military vehicles. (French and English)
Land Forces Defense Magazine:
The printed magazine Army Recognition is an International Defense Magazine dealing with land forces around the world (Full text French and English)
We provide news, information about military equipment, signed contracts and purchases globally. We also produce illustrated reports concerning main events about Defense in the world fairs, conflicts, exercises, technical testing, etc. The magazine contains technical information and detailed pictures about land forces equipments and vehicles.
Communication and promotion for Defense Industry
Thanks to our referencing technology, Key words, and world popularity of the Army Recognition website you will increase the visibility of your products and services having them appearing on the Top list of the main search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We guarantee the visibility of your products on the top list of search engines as Google by inserting personalized technical sheets together with specific Key words, our IT referencing technology, our Internet popularity, and the outstanding visits our webpage receives every day.
Online military pictures database:
The online Army Recognition Pictures data base represents thousands of High Resolution pictures about equipment and modern military vehicles from all over the world taken during fairs, military exercises, reports on the spot and conflicts.
About Simthetiq:
Simthetiq, supplier of advanced 3D solutions for the global defense, aerospace, gaming and research industries.

Simthetiq offer our partners choice and control, with an encyclopaedic library of 3D models and environments, rapid product development on request, guaranteed cross-platform compatibility, a selection of customization and licensing options, and on-demand support.

Browse Simthetiq library, explore options, learn more about services and compatibility, sign up to receive updates, or manage an online account with one of the fastest growing virtual content developers at


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