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Shot Show 2024: Teledyne FLIR Defense unveils ThermoSight HISS-HD thermal weapon sight.

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Teledyne FLIR Defense, a division of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has introduced its latest innovation in the field of thermal optics – the ThermoSight HISS-HD. This cutting-edge thermal sniper sight was unveiled at the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas. Offering exceptional capabilities, this lightweight and high-performance thermal weapon sight empowers precision shooters to detect, identify, and engage targets at distances exceeding 2,200 meters with outstanding accuracy.
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The ThermoSight HISS-HD is an ideal solution for long-range snipers (Picture source: Teledyne FLIR Defense)

Designed with seamless integration in mind, the HISS-HD clip-on thermal weapon sight can be easily mounted on any MIL-STD-1913 rail interface in front of an existing scope. It boasts compatibility with various day scopes and weapon platforms, providing long-range optics and a high-definition display that delivers exceptionally clear imagery for both snipers and machine gun crews.

Rob Tarantino, the Vice President of Surveillance Strategy and Development at Teledyne FLIR Defense, emphasized the ThermoSight HISS-HD's superiority, stating: "The new ThermoSight HISS-HD is the unmatched choice for precision shooters looking for a versatile, lightweight thermal sight that increases their range and accuracy. With HISS-HD, we’ve leveraged our world-class thermal imaging technology to provide marksmen with a superior tool to identify and engage targets anywhere, in any environment."

HISS-HD is an ideal solution for long-range snipers and missions that involve reconnaissance, force protection, surveillance, and forward observation. Furthermore, the addition of an optional remote-control pendant enhances shooting stability, reduces revealing movements, and allows for remote observation. This unique combination of stand-off range and long-range target engagement equips shooters with unrivaled overmatch capability in any operational scenario.

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