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Argentina launches major land forces modernization program.

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In a series of ambitious initiatives aimed at modernizing its armed forces, Argentina is now focusing on enhancing its land military capabilities for 2024. These projects include updating existing equipment and acquiring new materials.
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Argentina's ambitious modernization plans will encompass many equipment types, namely the TAM 2C-A2 medium tank Picture source: Wikimedia)

A key project for the army is the modernization of the VC TAM 2C-A2 medium tank. This program, aimed at renovating the first pre-series vehicles by the end of 2023, has recently benefited from the arrival of Israeli components and an agreement with IMPSA for the production of protective skirts. Lieutenant General Pereda, former Chief of Army Staff, highlighted the importance of this project, noting the involvement of Elbit Systems engineers in the early phases, before transitioning to local engineers.

In the realm of infantry combat vehicles, the army is considering the acquisition of a family of Wheeled Armored Combat Vehicles for a new mechanized brigade. Despite delays and financing difficulties, the army is keeping an eye on the VBTP Guarani 6×6 model from Iveco Defense Vehicles, as well as alternative options offered by General Dynamics and Norinco. An investment of $320 million is envisioned to integrate 209 vehicles in various configurations.

Simultaneously, the army is looking to strengthen its air fleet with medium utility helicopters to replace the SA-330 Puma and SA-332 Super Puma models, as well as the planned acquisition of DA-62 MPP aircraft for specialized missions. Several models are being evaluated, including those from Airbus Helicopters and PZL Mielec.

In terms of artillery, the army is considering modernizing its self-propelled artillery systems and anti-aircraft defense. A notable program involves the renovation of 17 TAM VCA CALIBRE 155mm L41 OTO MELARA "PALMARIA" self-propelled artillery systems. Additionally, considerable effort is devoted to acquiring new radars and improving the Automated Field Artillery Fire Control System (SATAC).

For logistics, the army faces economic challenges but continues to maintain its initiatives for recovery and modernization of popular vehicles such as Unimog 416 trucks and MB 230 G jeeps. A public investment plan for 2024-2026 envisages the integration of 197 new vehicles, including trucks and mobile intensive care unit ambulances.

These projects demonstrate a clear commitment from the Argentine army to renew and enhance its capabilities in response to contemporary challenges, despite budgetary and logistical constraints.


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