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Ukrainian army receives new batch of renovated T-72 tanks.

| 2021

The state enterprise Kyiv Armored Plant (KBTZ), which is part of the State concern Ukroboronprom, handed over three additional repaired T-72 tanks to the Ukrainian military.
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T-72AMT (Picture source: Ukroboronprom)

The vehicles underwent major repairs with improvements under the state defense order and received improved combat and technical characteristics. The work was performed ahead of schedule, but with limited funding.

Kyiv Armored Plant repairs and modernizes equipment in close cooperation with the ministry of Defense’s Central Armored Department of the Armed Forces. Modernization covers all components: security, mobility, firepower, team control.

With this new capability, the T-72AMT modernized tank is able to destroy enemy armored vehicles at a range of up to 5 km; its range of fire is twice the one of the T-72A. The armor penetrative capability is 750mm and, thanks to the tandem warhead, it ignores the enemy's reactive armor. In addition, the T-72 AMT has received the latest generation of protection, which is provided by elements of dynamic protection.

The driving quality of the T-72 in AMT version has been improved by installing a more powerful 840 hp engine and the tracks from the T-80 tank. A set of modern digital radio and satellite navigation systems have been fitted. This will allow liaising with infantry units to strengthen interaction on the battlefield. In addition, the night vision devices have been enhanced. A rear-view camera was installed for convenient operation.

New surveillance equipment was also included in the program, such as new night vision devices with 3rd generation electronic-optical converters, as well as night sight for the gun.


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