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Kenyan army interested in getting Otokar Arma 8x8 armored vehicles.

| 2021

The Kenyan army is currently considering various options for the procurement of new armored vehicles, including Turkish manufacturer Otokar’s Arma 8x8 tactical armored vehicle, according to the African press echoed by Daily Sabah.
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Otokar Arma 8x8 in IFV version (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Local news sites indicate that the procurement request is expected to become official through an auction in July. Kenya's options, along with Otokar, also include European armored vehicle producers, such as Excalibur and Mowag.

Arma 8x8 is a modular 8x8 armored vehicle. Thanks to its high mobility, efficient mine and ballistic protection, medium and heavy caliber weapon system integration options, Arma is capable to serve modern armies on the battlefield in operations conducted in the most difficult terrain and climatic conditions. Arma is available in various configurations such as Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Fire Support Vehicle, Mortar Carrier, Short and Medium Range Air Defense, Mobile Gun Carrier, Command and Control Vehicle with optional amphibious capability. The vehicle is suitable for the integration of various weapon systems from light machine gun weapon stations up to 25-30 mm and 105 mm cannon.


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