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Rheinmetall demonstrates Skynex 35mm Air Defense Gun System to counter swarm of drones.

| 2021

During the Air Defence Systems Group event 2021 organized by Rheinmetall, the German company has demonstrated a truck-mounted version of the Skynex Air Defense System fitted with an Oerlikon 35mm Revolver Gun Mk3. The Rheinmetall Skynex air defense system has demonstrated its ability to engage and destroy a swarm of eight small drones using the Oerlikon 35mm Revolver Gun Mk3.
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Truck-mounted version of the Skynex air defense system fitted with the Oerlikon 35mm Revolver Gun Mk3. (Picture source Rheinmetall Youtube footage)

The Skynex® is the latest air defense concept of Rheinmetall and sets new standards with its unique and open architecture. The system includes the Oerlikon Skymaster® Command & Control System and the Oerlikon Revolver 30mm Gun Mk3. Other equipment and weapon systems can be connected to the Skynex including the Oerlikon X-TAR3D Tactical acquisition radar, Oerlikon 35mm Twin Gun GDF009 TREO, the Oerlikon Laser Gun and the new Denel Cheetah C-RAM (Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar) missile.

The Oerlikon 35mm Revolver Gun Mk3 used with the Skynex air defense system has an effective range of 4,000 meters and has a rate of fire of 1,000 rounds per minute. The gun module is fitted with an X-Band tracking radar that allows an autonomous sector search function which makes target designation simple, fast and reliable. Tracking and engagement is calculated and executed automatically by the integrated fire control processor. The target designation and engagement is overwatched and checked by the Oerlikon Skymaster® Command & Control System which can be remotely controlled from another position.

The Oerlikon Skymaster® is a versatile command and control (C2) solution for different levels of command that significantly enhances ground-based air defense operational capabilities. Its main operational benefits are the display of a common comprehensive air picture based on all available information sources, an effective real-time threat evaluation and smart weapon assignment algorithm, heterogeneous weapon systems coordination and fire control in a flexible system architecture.

The Skynex can also use the X-TAR3D three-dimensional tactical acquisition radar operating in the X-band and performing the functions of short-range search, detection, acquisition, tracking, classification and identification of air targets, enabling it to supply a three-dimensional local air picture to the command and control network as well as to track threat data for cueing fire control systems. The radar is specifically designed for maximum effectiveness against a wide array of air threats, ranging from conventional air-breathing targets (fixed-wing, helicopters) to low and very low cross-section objects such as stealth and unmanned targets (UAVs, cruise missiles), as well as rockets and mortar rounds (C-RAM capability).

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