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Russian Technodinamika drones serve as targets for Pantsir-S air defense systems.

| 2021

The drones of the JSC CSTS Technodinamika holding that were delivered in January 2021 played the role of targets for the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft gun-missile system as part of the Slavic Shield-2021 training of Russia and Serbia.
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Drone targets developed by Dinamika Flight Technologies were used to train Pantsir-S crews (Picture source: Rostec)

These helicopter drones are simulator devices that have no analogs in Russia. This type of drone can stay in the air for at least 2 hours, reaching a maximum altitude of 2.5 km. The maximum range of its radio communication is 100 km.

The first batch of multifunctional unmanned aerial systems of the helicopter type was transferred to the Russian Aerospace Forces at the end of 2020. Using such drones, the experts killed two birds with one stone: they tested the striking equipment, as well as the drones produced by the Dinamika scientific center.

The drone target developed by Dinamika Flight Technologies was developed in the shortest possible time: the contract was granted in 2015, and in 2019 the drone was already mass-produced. This unmanned aerial vehicle was designed to simulate low-speed drones and helicopters when testing weapons.

It includes a helicopter-type unmanned aerial vehicle with a take-off weight of over 300 kg, a ground control station, ground support facilities for the system, and other equipment.

The UAV system simulates the behavior of air targets, allowing to test new weapons in conditions as close as possible to combat. The use of "target drones" makes it possible to assess the accuracy of the guidance and the effectiveness of hitting targets. In addition to its direct purpose, the device can be used, for example, to monitor forest fires, agricultural plantings, or oil product transportation.


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