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Milipol Paris 2019: CeoTronics AG showcases CT-DECT Multi, award winning communication system.

| 2019

CeoTronics AG, a German company, showcases its communication solutions at Milipol Paris 2019. Amongst their products, the award-winning CT-DECT Multi, a mobile, digital, full-duplex communications system.

Milipol Paris 2019 CeoTronics AG showcases CT DECT Multi award winning communication system
CeoTronics was awarded with the DECT Award Innovation for the CT-DECT Multi and emerged as the winner from a field of strong competition (Picture source: CeoTronics AG)

To date, re-development of the CT-DECT Multi has been the largest R & D project in the history of CeoTronics AG. The result is an award-winning mobile, digital, full-du-plex communications system for local applications that has been designed with the very latest technologies to ensure it offers universal use for any user group. From industry and fire services to military or police: all mission personnel benefit equally from the performance of a CT-DECT system, which is in a class of its own.

Close your eyes and count to 10. That’s about how long it takes for the digital CT-DECT radio network to be ready for use, enabling wireless and full-duplex communications within a group of up to 5 users. For practical purposes, this means simultaneous audio transmit and receive is possible without any infrastructure and without the need to press a PTT button.

The CT-DECT Multi is equipped with the new CT-Com-Link technology. The combination of an extremely robust connection with break-away function (emergency unlock function), which is triggered at a defined drag force in an emergency, and the CT-ComLink technology allows connected headsets or radios to be detected and the optimal audio configuration to be set for perfect voice transmission.

After an extensive analysis of usability and components, a housing with a display was implemented that introduces a completely new and intuitive operation concept. The outer surface provides a secure grip and features excellent mechanical and thermal properties. Each button has a precision switching mechanism that can also be operated reliably when wearing gloves.

The new CT-DECT Multi is not only waterproof and dust-tight, with classification to IP66 and IP67, but is also proof against sweat and saliva according to DIN 53160-1 / 2, and resistant to weak bases, lubricating oils and greases. The housing is made of an impact- and UV-resistant material, which has in turn been tested for resistance against chemical substances based on ETSI EN 300 019. The CT-DECT Multi has also passed tough environmental testing, including climate, shock, vibration and drop tests ac-cording to MIL-STD-810G, as well as a salt spray test according to EN 60068-2-52

Developed for professional applications, the integrated display offers an ultra-high-contrast image with optimum readability, even in strong, direct sunlight. Protected by an impact- and scratch-proof polycarbonate panel, it works reliably across a large temperature range of -32 °C to +69 °C. Optimized for viewing from three sides, the display is clearly readable even from a very flat viewing angle.

Outstanding RF properties and immunity to high-frequency interference are key factors in the clear and distinct voice transmission offered by the new CT-DECT Multi. Alongside the CT-DECT radio network, an alternative connection via Bluetooth® is possible, e.g. to a mobile phone


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