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Milipol Paris 2019: UNITIVE confirms its role as a key player in Ballistic Protection.

| 2019

Created in 2016, and formally presented at Eurosatory 2018, UNITIVE is a company dedicated to trading and providing equipment and services for defense and security. UNITIVE is exhibiting for the first time at Milipol Paris, and will take advantage of this leading event for Homeland Security and Safety professionals to formalize its partnership with MASKPOL (PGZ Group - Poland).

Milipol Paris 2019 UNITIVE confirms its role as a key player in Ballistic Protection 2

As the exclusive distributor in France for ULBRICHTS helmets, UNITIVE is showcasing several models of the Austrian brand at MILIPOL, as well as its flagship innovation: the Fortis visor. Exclusive distribution agreement signed for French market of MASKPOL products. The young trading company confirms that an exclusive distribution contract for France has recently been signed, making it the exclusive supplier of the Polish company's range of bulletproof vests. The company has been a recognized international equipment manufacturer, supplying special military operatives, security forces, etc. since its integration within the PGZ group.

In light of this partnership, MASKPOL is also present at MILIPOL for the first time and showcases - at the UNITIVE stand - products complementary to their range (first displayed at SOFINS):
*KBT-02 full bulletproof vests, with modular build for additional protection (neck, pelvic, etc.), plates and the Molle system allowing for multiple attachments. The KBT-02 is based on a standard NATO model of SPEAR/BALCS flexible armor inserts. Compatible with a standard MOLLE/PALS system for a custom pocket combination.

*KKP-02 discreet wearing jacket, meets ballistic protection requirements for VIP escort and protection missions. Designed to adjust perfectly to the body for free movement, the KKP-02 also features an additional fastening system that holds the armor in place at all times.

This complementary product offer is found in the UNITIVE catalogue, and certainly meets a recurring need in France for the renewal of this equipment by the two major outlets requiring them: the Ministry of the Armies and the Ministry of the Interior.

Milipol Paris 2019 UNITIVE confirms its role as a key player in Ballistic Protection 1

Ballistic protection and new products at ULBRICHTS: Showcasing the VPAM 6 Visor

Since the signature of the exclusive distribution contract last December, UNITIVE has been marketing in France helmets of the Austrian company, ULBRICHTS Protection, which has been a specialist in the manufacture of ballistic helmets for decades. UNITIVE has been focusing since SOFINS 2019 on the promotion of certain models, (since it has been the exclusive distributor in France) and provides a first-time preview of the Fortis visor (VPAM 6 is in the process of obtaining certification).

The protection level of the pure titanium (VPAM 2/3) and titanium composite helmets (VPAM 4) can be taken to a new level by adding protective modules from ULBRICHTS Protection: VPAM 6, 7.62 39 with soft steel core at full speed V0. With its VPAM-6 "FORTIS" front shield and the VPAM-6 visor, ULBRICHTS Protection is the first manufacturer in the world to offer lightweight and effective protection against the AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The following models are also showcased at Milipol:

*ZENTURIO: helmet used for special forces counter-terrorism missions. High-performance protection featuring shrapnel and full ballistic protection for high-risk police and military operations.
*HOPLIT: helmet for first responders and police forces when operations require extremely lightweight individual equipment.
*HOPLIT JUMP: The shorter version of the HOPLIT helmet, available for special and armed forces, requiring the lightest and most compact protection.


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