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IDET 2019: AGADOS presents the UVA 500 water treatment plant.

| 2019

During IDET 2019, in addition to its new amphibious off-road trailer, and among other products, AGADOS also showcases its UVA 500, which is a new water treatment plant destined for crisis situations.

IDET 2019 AGADOS presents the UVA 500 water treatment plant
The UVA 500 water treatment plant made by AGADOS, on display during IDET 2019, Czech Republic (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

The basic task of the UVA 500 is to modify contaminated water (biologically, chemically or radioactively) into drinking water or the desalination of seawater. For this purpose, the Waterclean 500 - RO plant by the company Futuretech is used. It combines various physical and chemical processes and ensures effective water treatment in a wide range of pollutants.

An integral part is also a solid particle filter and a self-cleaning device. Another element located on the unit is an electric chlorinator designed for the active production of chlorine from edible salt for disinfection purposes. By its use, the transport and storage of hazardous chemicals is rendered unnecessary. To ensure the unit operates in field conditions, the chassis is equipped with a central power generator so that it is possible to connect other devices.

The UVA 500 water treatment plant uses the same type of chassis as the other AGADOS special products designed for use by armies and components of the Integrated Rescue System. It is a single-axle sprung chassis with a total weight of 2,000 kg. The trailer is equipped with a height-adjustable drawbar allowing connection to towing vehicles of different types (depending on the height and the type of the towing device of the vehicle). The whole unit is covered by a canvas with a tilting structure that covers the work area. The chassis houses lockable boxes to store necessary accessories and chemicals. The workplace is also ped with lightning.


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