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IDET 2019: AGADOS unveils special amphibious off-road trailer.

| 2019

AGADOS has added an amphibious off-road trailer to its portfolio of special projects. This trailer is on display at IDET 2019, in Czech Republic, from May 29 to May 31.

IDET 2019 AGADOS unveils special amphibious off road trailer
The amphibious off-road trailed made by Agados, on display at their booth during IDET 2019, Czech Republic (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

The amphibious trailer is primarily designed for wheeled and tracked vehicles for all types of terrain. The patented system of independent suspension in each wheel is an indisputable advantage. While using unique skis, the trailer can be easily operated in difficult terrains such as snow, mud and rocky terrain. The advantage of this newcomer is also the ability to overcome sources of water when the trailer is able to float behind a towing vehicle.

It is 4,8 m long, 2,1 m large, and has a height of 2,2 m. The useable load area, whose payload capacity is up to 1,500 kg, is made up of interchangeable modules for various uses, not only in extreme conditions. It is a two-axle suspension trailer with four fifteen-inch wheels with a total weight of 3,500 kg. The trailer is equipped with a height-adjustable drawbar that enables towing by vehicles from different types.

The new trailer, which is already being used by several armies, can serve as a waterproof box, tank, open plateau. 8-10 foot container carrier and tilting superstructure flatbed with tarpaulin. It is also ideal, for example, to transport a generator. The modules are attached to the bottom frame at four anchoring points and secured with pins. The trailer has two salvage eyes at the rear.


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