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IDEF 2019: FNSS presents Shadow Rider to the Turkish Armed Forces.

| 2019

In parallel with the growing importance of unmanned land vehicle applications in both Turkey and at an international level, FNSS is showcasing its Shadow Rider concept on M113 vehicle at IDEF’19.

IDEF 2019 FNSS presents Shadow Rider to the Turkish Armed Forces
FNSS is showcasing its Shadow Rider concept on M113 vehicle at IDEF’19 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

- Flexible solutions with modular ready-for-integration units
- Suitable for both manned and unmanned use
- Various communication and remote-control solution alternatives for different ranges
- Multiple day and night low-latency video transmission, from both inside and outside the vehicle
- Multilayered secure data transmission
- Advanced surveillance, logistics, mine clearing and disposal functions

With the Shadow Rider concept, FNSS turned the land platform into an unmanned vehicle, while also offering the option for manned control of the vehicle by a driver when necessary. The Shadow Rider concept is expected to carry out critical tasks on the battlefield, such as logistics support, engineering, mine clearing and weapon carrier missions. As a highly successful example and output of a cooperation between the main platform manufacturer and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Shadow Rider is expected to serve as the basis for all of FNSS’ future land platforms.

Highlighting FNSS’ development works on unmanned land vehicles, K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, said: “FNSS is a company that allocates considerable resources to research and development within the sector. In doing so, our primary goal is to expand the technology base of the sector, and the Shadow Rider stands as an important reflection of this strategy. The Shadow Rider aboard the M113 that we are offering to the Turkish Armed Forces and to friendly and allied armies is a proof of concept of our applications for unmanned land vehicles. In the mid-term, we are preparing ourselves to develop and introduce many different types of vehicles to the field of unmanned land vehicles, and have already launched important works in this regard.”

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