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IDEF 2019: Aselsan launches anti ship missile hunter CIWS.

| 2019

ASELSAN is proud to present its new game changer Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) at IDEF 2019 and welcomed high-level delegations to the launching ceremony on April 30, 2019 at ASELSAN stand #1200.

IDEF 2019 Aselsans anti ship missile hunter CIWS launched at IDEF 2019 2
ASELSAN CIWS (previously known as KORKUT-D CIWS) (Picture source: Army Recognition)

While the serial production of the new KORKUT 35mm Self Propelled Air Defense Systems and the modernization of Towed 35mm Air Defense Guns for the Turkish Army are ongoing, ASELSAN successfully qualified its brand new CIWS (previously known as KORKUT-D CIWS) for the protection of naval assets. In May, 2018, ASELSAN demonstrated the effectiveness of the new CIWS with the firing trials conducted under the supervision of Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries and Turkish Navy. During the trials with high-speed drone target, which represents a typical sea-skimming guided missile attack towards a naval platform, the new ASELSAN CIWS detected, tracked and destroyed the drone target in full autonomous mode.

CIWS are of critical importance as the final layer of air defense umbrella in defending naval platforms against aerial threats. The new ASELSAN CIWS provides the most effective air defense against the possible target set such as sub-sonic and supersonic anti-ship missiles, UAVs, fighters, helicopters and asymmetric surface threats. In addition to 35mm Target Practice and High explosive rounds, the new CIWS fires 35 mm Airburst Ammunition (ATOM) that is designed and developed by ASELSAN and they provide an effective solution together for self-defense of surface vessels.

The new ASELSAN CIWS is able to perform target detection, identification, tracking and kill operations in full autonomous mode. 3D search radar, fire control radar and E/O sensors on the new CIWS allow efficient operation of the system at night and under harsh weather conditions. The system can be operated by an operator or in full autonomous mode without any operator intervention. As a unique feature of the new ASELSAN CIWS, two different types of ammunition can be loaded into the system and the preferred ammunition type can be selected before the firing thanks to the Automatic Linkless Ammunition Feed Mechanism. Thus, the most effective ammunition type is used against different types of targets and the mission is executed in the most precise and cost-effective method.

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