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Introducing Ukroboronservice's new Mobile Mortar Complex.

| 2017

A new high mobility mortar system appeared during Arms and Security 2017 exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine. Produced by Ukroboronservice, a subsidiay of UkrOboronProm, the Mobile Mortar Complex (MMC) is an automated mobile mortar complex providing fire support for armored infantry units of company to bataillon level.

Introducing Ukroboronservice's new Mobile Mortar Comple 001
The MMC system mounted on a Bars-8 armoured vehicle

The MMC has been designed for applications by various branches of armed forces, such as land forces, but also border security forces, airborne troops and special forces.

The system mainly consists of one fire control system, a control equipment, a mechanism to deploy the mortar to combat position and aiming, and a mortar system from 81 to 120 mm caliber. The whole system can be ready from travel to fire position in 35 seconds, said Ukroboronservice.

At Arms and Security, the MMC is shown mounted in a Bars-8 4x4 light armoured tactical vehicle, but according UkrOboronProm, the system can be fitted in a wide range of military vehicles, such as the BTR-50 armored tracked vehicle and the FAHD wheeled vehicle. 

Introducing Ukroboronservice's new Mobile Mortar Comple 002 
The MMC system mounted on a Bars-8 armoured vehicle

Once mounted on a Kia KM-450 tactical vehicle, the MMC system has a re-aiming time of 12 seconds, a precision of site position data calculation of 8 m. The vehicle can carry up to 48 rounds and can fire up to 12 rounds per minute within a maximum range of 7,200 meters. The system is operated by a crew of three. 

The MMC precision is achieved by the whole number of technical and software solutions based on transfering and processing firing data in automated mode. The system can provide automatic barrel aiming against the target, as well as automatic re-aiming after fire. 

The MMC is completed with a Forward Observation System, the purpose of which is to detect and identify targets and transfer information to command post and directly to MMC. It consists of a laser rangefinder, a communication module, a tablet with software and a GPS antenna. 

A MMC battery unit includes 24 person, six MMCs on Kia KM 450, two technical support vehicles, and two command and reconnaissance vehicles.

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